About us

Hiking with Maxim Sekarov

Dear friends!

My name`s Maksim Sekarov and I want to invite you to go hiking!

All my life I`ve been closely related to nature. I`ve joined expeditions around South Mexico, Norway, Southeast Asia, travelled around Russian North and Altai, worked as an instructor, gone fishing and hunting many times - all this time I`ve been gaining invaluable knowledge and experience and I`ll be happy to share them with you.

Life in a megapolis often gives us a false sense of security. While being in a comfortable atmosphere we`re always self-assured. But what if you`ll find yourself face-to-face with wild nature? To feel confident we should make friends with nature, understand it and learn not to be afraid of it.

During our hiking I`ll teach you how to use a compass and map to take your bearings, make a fire without matches and a lighter, build a shelter for a comfortable and safe overnight stop, cross rivers and force a crossing over morasses, go fishing and gathering.

In the evening, listening to crackling of firewoods and holding cups with fragrant fir broth, we will share our bright emotions and tell interesting stories. A pleasant tiredness will be a great reward for a distance we`ve travelled.

All our trips are planned in such a way that you could get maximum impression of our trip and at the same time be in a safe and friendly atmosphere.